Writer’s Block: Happy go lucky

I used to think that some people were just luckier than others, that some people just had a higher roll of the dice than others. Then I got older, and my views shifted. I began to think that ‘luck’ wasn’t really a thing, so to speak, it was people who carved their own paths through life, and the things they did and the actions that they took were what influenced their ‘luck’. Karma, so to speak.

Now though, my views have shifted again. A friend of mine, someone very wise, gave me some good advice when I was feeling low.
Disequilibrium is life’s natural state. When you feel like you’re having bad luck, it’s because your life is shifting and changing, and the universe is trying to restore balance and normality.

Some people belive in luck – that’s their call. These days I just think that everything needs some kind of balance.


What do you think?

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