Blogs I Read

Anyone who reads my blog is likely to have noticed the sidebar, with various things. There’s a button for you to sign up to a mailing list (for those of you too lazy to check the blog, you can get each post emailed to you as I write and upload them), a feed of my (inane) twitter posts and also a list of links to various blogs I think people should read. One of my friends who blogs asked recently for a bit of publicity, so I thought I’d point it out to any of you who like to read blogs.

They are mostly where people I know in real life blog, but there are a few internet friends on there, and the blogs of  a few people who have made a name for themselves on the internet, such as Jen McCreight – atheist nerdy girl and Markuss Persson – the guy who invented Minecraft.

So, this is me encouraging you to check out other blogs. For somewhere to start with, go here, where Robin has made his profile look like a Wikipedia article with the aid of some very clever coding, and hilarious witicisms (including the longest drug list I’ve seen)


What do you think?

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