I am a slow-cooker, ideas are my tasty casserole

I have a few posts, developing slowly in my mind. I am like a slow-cooker. An idea forms, but is not ready for exploration and blogging for quite some time, until it is soft and juicy and infused with all my knowledge and opinions and has been thoroughly thought about.

I have several ideas in this gestation period now, About topics such as my attention span, my brother Lewis, and about reading. I’m also considering doing an entirely text/screenshot based let’s-play-minecraft (since I don’t like my own voice, I am reluctant to make a video). This is most likely to happen after the second half of Minecraft’s adventure update has been released though, as there isn’t much point doing it at the moment, while the experience system doesn’t do anything and there aren’t any giant mushroom biomes yet.

Hopefully, I’ll be ready to actually spit out one of the above blog posts some time next week, so don’t despair! However, on a related note, I am interested to hear ideas of what I should write about. Whereas I can’t guarantee I’ll write about a particular suggestion, I will consider everything.

So go on, add your own veggies or meat to the casserole.


2 thoughts on “I am a slow-cooker, ideas are my tasty casserole

  1. A pretty cool way of doing an LP if you don’t want a voice-over is recording video of the screen, and then putting your commentary in subtitles later. You can add some relevant music in over the top, and it actually ends up looking far more professional than one done with crappy mic quality, with crackling and bg noise. It does take a bit of extra time, since you need to go through and watch it and make commentary afterwards. Though I suppose you could do in-line spoken commentary while you’re recording, then translate that to subtitles, and strip that off the soundtrack later. That’s a fair bit harder though, if you want to maintain the game sounds.

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