A post that is not a post.

I have been jumping so rapidly from good spirits to being downright miserable and grumpy so rapidly recently that I can’t get a handle on any thoughts/ideas enough to write anything about them.
I’m also having to surpress a lot of what’s going on in my head at the moment in the interests of having an easy life. Not that it’s working. Frustration is wiord of the moment.


5 thoughts on “A post that is not a post.

  1. Hey, Sorry to hear you’re not having the best of times Alice…
    And we’ve not talked for ages πŸ˜›
    But I felt I ought to let you know that reading your post (came accross it quite by accident) made me feel better about my own problems (you know, in the knowing that “someone I know might have stuff going on that’s of a similar type to me; I’m not alone!” kinda way), and if you can get through, so can I *Mandatory πŸ˜€ face*

    Hopefully it’ll make your day a little better knowing you helped someone, maybe it won’t. Either way, thanks.

    P.S I hope you managed to find some way to get Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition. The statue is so. Cool.

    Frustration4Lyfe !

    • Hey, great to hear from you πŸ™‚ but yes, every time someone says they enjoyed a post or felt better because of it, or whatever, is a time that I feel that I’ve done something worthwhile and that writing this blog isn’t jsut a total waste of time. I’m glad that I helped, in whatever small way I can.

      Sadly, no collector’s Skyrim for me D: but s’ok, the game is awesome enough that I don’t need the dragon statue, I’ll just look at real dragons. Sometimes I wish Steam would stop counting my hours played Β¬.Β¬

      • In that case I gues I’m glad the comment offers that vindication for what you’re doing; I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but I can never a) convince myself that people will want to read anything I put up and b) think of anything I feel is worth broadcasting. I guess I’m destined to live in internet obscurity!

        It really is. I wouldn’t like to count the number of times I’ve stopped in the middle of a quest or some random wayward adventuring to see the landscape stretching out before me and go “Damn…” (Followed by “Well I know where I’m going next!”)
        I’ve been uncharacteristically restrained since reaching 20 hours and haven’t played nearly enough as I’d like to have done… All so that I can try actually doing assignments. I feel like a bad nerd. Though wishing I could look at real dragons in real life makes me feel considerably better about this!
        And I feel I have to ask: How many hours d’you currently have under your belt?

      • For blogging, try staring off just doing interesting memes or something (there was a good letter writing one on livejournal a while back) and let the rest develop with time. Or start one as a new year’s thing.
        Currently I have 110 hours on Skyrim, and I still feel like there are so many things left for me to do. It’s been a long time since I was this excited for a game pre-release and then continued to be enthusiastic after 100+ hours of play.

  2. Thanks for the tip; I hope to try giving at least one a go. And as new year’s is just around the corner it would give me a more than valid excuse to guilt myself into keeping to it… I guess I just dislike somewhat the idea of what people’s opinions on what I’ve written might be.

    Wow, that’s impressive! I think I’m barely pushing 30 hours so far so to think that there’s as much as (at least) another 80 or so hours’ worth of play to be had… It makes me feel even more awesome about this game.

    Must.Resist.Skyrim.For one more day.Then binge.

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