More Money Raising….Eventually

It’s been two months now since I did my charity haircut for cancer research and the little princess trust. My hair is kind of growing back now, all short and spikey and a bit haphazard,  and I’m considering more charity event ideas. The one down that link is my favourite idea so far, but not at the moment. It’s winter, and I don’t know about you but I’d rather a hot chocolate than a chilly smoothie at the moment. Anyway, people were very generous when I last raised money, and since it wasn’t that long ago, they need time for their generosity to recover.

Berry Smoothie

Delicious AND charitable!

A really cool plus point of the smoothie bikes as a charity event is that there are a lot of possibilities involved. I could open it up to the public, make more of an actual event out of things and not just me doing something on my own to raise money. I could sell smoothies in Alex square-  people donate money and get a hand (foot?) cycled smoothie from me. Or, I could charge people to cycle their own smoothie. As long as I can rope in a friend or two to help it shouldn’t be too much hassle, and if I were to do it in the summer there’s plenty of time left to plan.

There are other things I could do, but I’m so smitten with the smoothie bike idea that I’m almost reluctant to look too hard. Someone suggested that I try the three peaks challenge (climb Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike in 24 hours) but those of you who know me must be in fits of laughter imagining me trying to climb a hill, let alone three mountains!!

I suppose there’s always the ol’ bath fulla beans fall back. It’s not like I’ve got any hair left to shave off.


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