1001-1100 18/06/2010

Part Eleven
1001. What has caused you to reinvent yourself or reevaluate who you are?

Being diagnosed with depression

1002. Name three annoying bands:
JLS – any bands of a similar ilk.

1003. Have you ever been to a foam party (a big dance floor full of soap foam that people dance in at a club)? If yes did you get into the foam?
No, but I’d love to.

1004. Who do you take for granted?
My brother, Lewis. Not on purpose.

Who makes you feel taken for granted?
I don’t really know.

1005. Short, knee, or ankle skirts?

1006. Do you wear a hat?
Sometimes, especially if it’s cold

1007. Did you watch Sifl and Ollie on MTV?
What? Who?

How about Liquid Television?

The Maxx?

1008. What do you like that is NOT part of pop culture?
Magic: The Gathering

1009. What music makes you feel:
Music I can dance to. Music that have sex in the lyrics so I can sing them to someone (eg. ‘I want to fuck you like an animal’)

Music with a message that I believe in

I don’t really get violent

Slow, melodic, happy music

Music with sad lyrics

Music that invokes images of happy things

Changes to fit the situation

1010. Who’s your favorite cartoon character?
hmm. Goku from Dragon Ball Z

1011. Does break dancing impress you?

1012. Are you a smooth operator?
No, I’m bumpy and awkward

1013. Would you rather be a police officer or a criminal?
An uncaught criminal

1014. Do you believe that government decisions should be made based more on economics or more on social reform?
I think both factors are important.

1015. Why do ‘they’ spend money to sterilize needles that are going to be used to give lethal injections?
I have no idea.

1016. This summer have you
Been to the beach?
Not yet, but I intend to

been to the movies?

Played mini golf?
No, but I want to

Gone for a walk?
Yes, several.

1017. Would you rather lay in bed all night talking or have sex all night long?
Both of these things have their place in relationships and are both equally as pleasurable and enjoyable and important.

1018. Have you ever eaten tofu?

1019. Who needs a brain?
The Scarecrow

1020. Who needs a heart?
The Tin Man

1021. Does the moon have an affect on your mood?
I don’t know, I’ve never attempted to correlate my moods with moon cycles.

1022. Do you feel pressure on Friday and Saturday to have fun, go out and party?
Yes, but I often want to do these things so it doesn’t matter. Only really becomes an issue when I have an early shift on Saturday/Sunday morning.

1023. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no literary value. Do you agree?
I strongly disagree. They are one of my favourite series of books and I absolutely adore the world that JK Rowling has created.

1024. Is Harry Potter comparable to The Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings?
Yes. They are all classics. Narnia is more for children, LotR for adults and Harry Potter somewhere inbetween.

1025. What are you doing next Wednesday?
Working in ShoeZone, can’t remember the times though. Then gaming night!

1026. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?
Because they are crazy

1027. What couldn’t you live your life without?
My friends and family
1028. Are your hands cold?
No, but this is unusual

1029. Is your heart warm?
Yes, I like to think so

1030. Palm trees or snow storms?
Both are beautiful. A palm tree in a snow storm is an interesting idea.

1031. What bands would be great if only the singing was edited out?
So many

1032. What fantasy book would you like to see made into a movie?
I think most of the fantasy books that I’ve read have been made into movies already.

1033. Do you avoid risks and if possible stay at home?
I avoid risk, but don’t stay at home.

1034. What SCI-fi books do you read?

1035. Would you be on that who wants to marry a millionaire show as a contestant?

1036. Who’s the best secret keeper you know?
I know a few people who I trust with my secrets.

1037. What is your favorite myth?
The tooth fairy is a pretty funny one, to me. Encourage kids to lose their teeth.

1038. Is it easier to live when you’re evil?
What exactly IS evil, anyway?

1039. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?
Pfft, like they’d let me into one of those thing0D mso-fareast-font-family% Would you want to join one?

1041. If your friend were doing dangerous drugs would you tell their parents?
No, I don’t really know any of my friend’s parents.

1042. Would you rather be a unicorn, mermaid/man, or a sorceress/er?

1043. Are leather pants sexy?

On you?

1044. Did you tell someone you love him or her today?

1045. Have you ever given blood?
No, they don’t want my anaemic blood

1046. Have you ever been thrown out of someplace?
Not that I can recall.

1047. What do you daydream about?
All kinds of random crap

1048. Are you a miracle?

1049. If America is one nation under god then are atheists citizens?
‘One nation under God’ is stupid.

1050. Should they be?
Of course!

1051. If you could pick any rock star to replace the Ozbournes in their reality show, whom would you pick?
None, all reality shows suck
1052. What are your feelings about Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ?
I haven’t seen it

1053. What did you think about the last episode of Sex in the City?
Not seen that either

1054. What is your favorite movie with Adam Sandler in it?
50 First Dates is pretty good

1055. What is your biggest problem?
Being mentally unwell

1056. Have you ever been arrested?

1057. Can musicians be held responsible for influencing people to behave badly?
Not at all. Making music about something and encouraging people to do it are two entirely different things.

1058. Do you believe that there are subliminal messages embedded in some TV shows, movies & music?
Yes, but only if they are there by design. In some TV shows it’s known as ‘product placement’ – subliminal advertising.

1059. Is there anything that you believe should be banned for any reason?
Christmas lights – what a waste of electric (pretty though)

1060. How often do you eat too much?
Too often

1061. Have you ever descended into pure madness?
Several years ago. I’m still trying to struggle my way out, but I’m starting to get used to it.

1062. Would you want to?
As I said, I’m starting to get used to it.

1063. Do green m&m’s make you feel sexy?
M&Ms aren’t exactly the sexiest sweet. Why would the green ones be particularly sexy?

1064. If you died tomorrow, what mark would you have left on the world?
I doubt that I’ve made any lasting marks on the world. My future housemates would have to find a 6th person to replace me next year.

1065. What movie would you NEVER want to see?
Any Magic: the Gathering movie would probably be pretty dire…

1066. What annoys you the most about yourself?
Can’t accept praise or keep a positive outlook on the world. Cowardly.

1067. How do you feel about capitalism?
It seems to be working

1068. How do you feel about socialism?
It has the potential to work better than capitalism

1069. How do you feel about communism?
It’s a bit extreme

1070. Has anyone ever tried to injure you?

1071. Has anyone ever tried to kill you?
Quite possibly

1072. How do you know when it’s time to break up with someone?
I don’t

1073. What is your opinion of the Janet jackson/Justin Timberlake superbowl exposure incident?
I have no idea what incident to which you are referring

1074. What’s the most annoying sound?
Babies crying

1075. Who was your childhood hero?
My mum

1076. With nearly 100 channels why is NOTHING ever on?
I wouldn’t know, I never watch the TV

1077. Would you adopt a stray kitty wandering through your neighborhood?
Yes, if my landlord would allow me

1078. Describe what you look like:
I’m 5ft 2 and a bit in, I weigh Just under 8st, I have shoulder length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I wear glasses. My chin has a dimple and is slightly crooked. You wouldn’t look at me and go ‘phwor’, though I’m often considered cute.

1079. Describe what you ARE like:
I’m kind and generous, often morose, shy and outgoing in equal measures in different areas. I laugh a lot.

1080. What bad habit do you have that affects other people as much as it affects you?
Being slightly late for stuff

1081. How did you party new years eve 1999?
I was 9, so I had some cherryade in a wine glass and went to bed at about 00.10.

1082. Does second hand smoke bother you?

1083. Have you ever:
Dumped a drink over someone’s head?
No, but I’ve had it done to me

Dumped a drink over your own head?
Only of water

Bit someone?

Torn at someone’s clothes?

Made out in the bathroom?

1084. Which Lord of the Rings movie has the best ending?
Probably The Two Towers

1085. Do you have any interesting scars?
I have a lot of scars from bicycle accidents when I was younger, and one on my hand from when I was stabbed when I was a kid.

1086. Is it better for people to change and evolve their ideas or always be consistent?
Progressive change and keeping one’s ideas and opinions up to date is good.

1087. Warped tour, Lollapalooza or Area concert?
I have no idea

1088. What are you missing in your life?
A whole lot of time

1089. Do you ever know when someone is thinking about you?
No. I can’t imagine people think about me that much

1090. What could you make a sculpture out of that’s in the room with you right now?
A massive pile of dirty washing

1091. Do you believe in the lost city of Atlantis?
It’s not impossible. The ocean hasn’t been fully explored.

1092. Have you ever read The Little Prince?

1093. This is Mr. fish <>< What’s the best picture you can make on your keyboard?
Dancing Kirby!




1094. What did Mr. Octopus say to Mrs. Octopus?
I didn’t know octopi could talk.

1095. Let’s see if I’m psychic. Write a yes or no question here.
Have you ever streaked?

1096. Write another yes or no question.
Have you ever skinny dipped?

1097. Think of just one more yes or no question.
Have you ever had sex in a public place?

1098. Type one question that can be answered with a color (example: what color is my car)
What colour are your favourite flowers?

1099. Think of a number between one and one hundred & type it down.

1100. Write one more question, anything you want.

This is your survey, why are you making me think up so many questions?


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