2601-2700 04/05/11

2601. Do you think cell phones cause cancer?

Probably not – there are an awful lot of people out there who use their phones without getting cancer.

Are cell phone users more likely to get into car accidents?
If they use the phone in the car, yeah

Do cell phones really interfere with a plane’s navigation equipment?
I have no idea

Are cell phones immune from computer viruses?
Nope – phones are just simpler computers

Can using a cell phone at a gas station spark a fire?
I highly doubt it.

2602. What makes a guy see a chick as less of a cute little girl and more of a woman?
There’s a certain amount of shape and attitude that turns a girl into a woman.

2603. What is it about football that makes people want to watch it?
I don’t know. Thrill and excitement?

2604. What is the best show on tv?
Currently, The Game of Thrones is pretty damned good.

2605. Are you more of a tape dispenser or a stereo speaker and why?
I have no idea what you’re asking here.

2606. What do you think is overrated?
What is underrated?

2607. Can spiders ump?
Probably not, no.
Did you interpret that as ‘jump’ or ‘hump or ‘bump’ or other?
Jump, though I’m sure you’ve asked this question before

2608. What’s the matter with adults today?
There’s a lot the matter – lethargy, lack of motivation and apathy are three of them.

2609. Have you ever worked ‘off the books’?
Yes, for my mum.

2610. Have you ever worked 9-5?
If not do you think you ever will?
Almost certainly

2611. Do men or woman make better bosses?
They both make good bosses in different ways. They can do different things better than each other

2612. Do you believe that people should more up through a company or that the higher up positions should be filled by people hired from outseide the company?
It depends on who’s suitable for the job.

2613. Why is it that no one seems to care about their job?
A lot of people are in jobs that don’t mean anything to them

2614. When I go into a store, why doesn’t anyone know anything about what they are selling?
See the above.

2615. Have you ever seen those people that get that blank, lost expression when they go into a store and kinda shuffle along like zombies?
Do you wonder how they got up, dressed themselves, and made it to the store in the first place?
Anything to shop…

2616. When did you/will you graduate college?
I’ll never graduate university, unfortunately

2617. When will Eminem stop whineing about his bad childhood and move on??
Some people can’t get over their past.

2618. I am drug free. Are you drug free?
I take some prescription medicines

2619. I have piercings and am getting tattoos. Do you have either?

2620. Can you REALLY say that your way is the right way?
No – my way is the way I want to do things.
maybe there is a different way for everyone?
Almost certainly

2621. What do you think of the song ‘Imagine’?
I’ve never heard of it, so I’ll look up the lyrics…..It would be nice if the world worked like that

2622. Can you think of any reason i might have written this, other than I am bored with too much time on my hands?
Some kind of social experiment

2623. What is the purpose of art?
Each piece of art has a different purpose from the view of the artist, though usually wants to convey something to the viewer
How about movies?
As above.
As above.

2624. Do you think that anything has lost it’s value because it’s become too ‘commercial’? What?
Oh, probably, but I don’t know what.

2625. Have you ever been promoted?
I’ve been ‘let go’, but never fired

2626. What do you call your private area? Does it have a nickname?
My vagina and breasts don’t have nicknames.

2627. What parts of your body are shaved?
My legs and armpits when I can be bothered.

2628. What is a peachclam?
I have no idea, and google isn’t giving me anything useful.

2629. What is the american dream?
I don’t know. To eat as much as possible, and to make every nation free, whether they want it or not.
Is it the same as your dream?

2630. Do you need to be right all the time?
I’d prefer to be right.

2631. There was a sculpture that was supposed to be displayed for a week in the Rockafeller Center in NYC of a falling woman – designed as a memorial to those who jumped or fell to their death from the World Trade Center. It was complained about as grotesque, innopropriate and describe as ‘not art’

What do you think?
I never saw it, but it sounds like a genuine expression of something very important.

It was taken down early because it was seen as ‘offensive’. What do you think about that?
Some people are far too easily offended

The artist, Fischl, said in a statement. “It was a sincere expression of deepest sympathy for the vulnerability of the human condition. Both specifically towards the victims of Sept. 11 and towards humanity in general.”
Are people just too sensative? Or maybe people are NOT sensative ENOUGH to the idea that others may have different views from them (or from the majority)?

I think that people need to learn to be more accepting, and to realise that just because something is painful and unpleasant doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth thinking about.
She these different, opposing or offensive views be allowed to be expressed freely and openly?
Why or why not?
Freedom of speech is an important liberty that not enough people take advantage of.

2632. What letter’s sound do you like the best?
I don’t know

2633. What is one movie charater you identify with and why?
I can’t think of any right now

2634. Do you act the same when you are alone as you do when people are watching?
I’m less talkative.

2635. Why is everyone so obssessed with superheros?
Super heroes are cool!

2636. What cliches do you hear over-used the most?
There are a lot of over used clichés in the world – that’s how they become clichés.

2637. Do you handle inconvieniences well?
Not really.

2638. Are you a fan of Jackie Chan?
He’s alright

2639. Is a promise a big deal?

2640. What is your place in the universe?
Right here, with my friends and loved ones.

2641. Once some scientists dug up a woolly mamoth, frozen in ice. It was still completely whole, not rotted or fosilized. The scientists decided to have a dinner party. It was a very posh affair. they served roast woolly mamoth steaks, the rarest meat in all the world. So, if you were invited, would you have eaten it?
Yes – it would be interesting to try. If they were going to cook it anyway.

2642. What are 3 things you DON’T want to know?
I don’t know what I don’t want to know.

2643. It seems to me that a lot of people don’t value their lives, or life in general very highly. Why do you suppose that is?
I can’t speak for anyone else, but there are a lot of reasons that I don’t value my life very highly.

Are you like that?

2644. Do you celebrate the harvest moon?
I play Harvest Moon. Does that count?

2645. Do you believe in out of body experiances?
Oh, probably, though I’ve never had one.

2646. Why does so much depend
upon a red wheel barrel
glazed with rain water
beside the white chickens?

I have absolutely no idea

2647. Why do so many people get jobs that they dislike?
They may not have any other choice

2648. Do you think that in THIS world, being creative is a handicap?

Why or why not?
Creativity breeds invention, which can earn people a lot of money and acclaim.

2649. Do you ever get chills or shivers during movies? What movies?
Yes, ones that make me think or feel things outside of my comfort zone.

2650. Do you believe in the collective unconsiouss(that people are like onions..the outer layers are individualistic and the deeper you go the more similar we all are)?
No – each person really is unique. I think people are more similar on a middle level rather than an outer or inner one.
2651. Do you think that most people have the qualities you look for in friends/intimate relationships or do you feel alienated?
I have a lot of friends so I assume that they must do.
2652. Are you very critical:

of others?
of yourself?
I’m quite a critical person, though I try not to voice my criticisms about others too much.

2653. Is there such a thing as expecting too much?

2654. Would you rather take an hour lunch break or skip lunch and get out of work early?

2655. Do you believe that happiness is equal to
fakeness? No
shallowness? No
joy? No
something good that happens? No
an attitude you have inside no matter what happens? No

2656. Can you control your emotions?
Not yet, but I’m working on it
have you ever tried?
Yep, it’s part of my CBT.

2657. Imagine you are 34 weeks pregnant. You are healthy and you didn’t have any major problems in your pregnancy.
Would you consider flying from the UK to Germany, which takes one hour, whithout a bad feeling that something could go wrong or the baby decides to come out earlier?
I wouldn’t want to go to Germany! I’d rather be at home to have my hypothetical baby.

2658. How long do you think it would take you to jog a mile?
Longer than it would take me to walk it.

2659. Word assciation:

twilight: Princess

garden: grass

warm: water

stars: moon

crash: bang

mold: food

gold: silver

green: grass

lush: forest

2660. Picture a triangle:
Quick! What color is it?

Picture a square.
Quick! What color is it?

Picture a circle.
Quick! What color is it?

Why do you think you saw these shapes as these colors?
I don’t know  – probably some echo of childhood.

2661. What things are endless?
The stars

2662. Are you ever subtle?
I try to be, when subtlety is called for.

2663. Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood…some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t conceive of your life without it?
How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?
How can you fully appreciate these moments, every moment, when it all seems limitless?

~Paul Bowles
except from The Sheltering Sky

The number is different for each of us.

2664. Do you never have an ordinary day?
Nothing is truly ordinary

2665. Do you embrace every single thing you’ve never known?
Yes, I love to learn

2666. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a satanist?
I don’t think so – not that I know of, anyway

2667. Can stress sometimes be good?
Yes, it can be a pretty good motivator.

2668. Write something random, just whatever flows out of your head without thinking. Forget punctuation just try to type as fast as you think:
I can’t ignore grammar, punctuation and spelling – I’m a writer!

2669. Are you a musical snob?


How about a film snob?

2670. When you were in school did you learn to think or repeat?
Hopefully, I learned to think

2671. Do you have everything you need to be happy?
I have absolutely no idea
If not, what is missing?
I don’t know that either

2672. Would you take a very casualy dropped ‘maybe I should just kill myself’ as a warning ssign?
It would certainly make me look out for other signs.

2673. What does the word ‘ironic’ mean? Can you give an exaple of an ironic situation?
Contrary to what was expected or intended. Madness would be an ironic outcome for someone who’s such a clear thinker.

2674. What did you see today that was beautiful in an ordinary way?
Almost everything has a certain element or aspect of beauty to each different person who views it.

2675. Have you ever been on the edge of the night?
I live on the edge of the night

2676. Do you feel oppressed in some way?
I’m sure everyone does.

2677. Who do you think shot JFK?
Who do you think shot Martin Luthar King?
I have no idea who shot either of them, a shocking lack of general knowledge.
Why do you think they got shot?
Someone disagreed with them.

2679. Are you aware that although only about 14 percent of the american total population is black, that about 70 percent of the people in jail in america are black?
Now I am.
Why do you think that is?
Black people break more laws
What conclusion can you draw based on this?
They live lives where it less easy to keep to the law.

2678. Do you think that the culture you live in is completely open to all ideas and forms of expression?
No, I think almost by definition a culture is bound to a certain set of ideas and forms of expression.

2680. What do you think of the character (muppet) on sesame street that has aids and should this kind of a theme be explored in children’s television?
The earlier a theme is introduced to a child, the longer they have to explore it and come up with their own ideas and opinions.

2681. Are you dyslexic?
No, though it was once suggested that I might be, because I couldn’t remember musical notes.

2682, Can you construct a bong out of:
household objects? No
an apple? No
your cat? No – my cat is in Wales.

2683. Starwars, star trek or star gate?
Star Wars

2684. Windows or mac?

2685. Do you start conversations or wait for other people to start them?
A bit of both

2686. How many phallac symbols can you think of?
Oh, loads.

2687. Would you but tickets to see the top ten american idols sing live?
No, never.

2688. A bird may love a fish…but where would they live?
By the water’s edge.

2689. Are you a hologram or a misfit?
“you’re superficial, I’m a misfit, but baby that’s okay”

2690. How are you oriented sexually?
Do you agree with the people who say that everyone is bi-sexual even if they don’t want to admit it?
I think that anything can be sexual to anyone, if they admit it or not.

2691. If you are the only human on the planet of the apes do you have sex with an ape?
No, I kill myself.

2692. If you aare making out with a sex someone and you reach down and find they have a fish tail instead of legs do you still fool around with them?

2693. Does superman wear kryptonite condoms?
I have no idea. Probably not. It’d be hard to keep a boner with your one weakness wrapped round your cock.

2694. Do you know exactly where you are?
Physically, yes.
Do you know the meaning of it all?
Do you know the distance to the sun?
Pretty far away.
Do you know the echo that is love?
Yeah, painfully well.

2694. Do you believe you are:
extraordinary? No
Blessed? I must be, to have so many friends
Cursed? Oh, possibly.
Won? No

2695. What are you doing this weekend?
New Phyrexia pre-release!

2696. Do you believe that black people should get money to make up for their previous enslavement?
No – the ones that are alive now were never enslaved.
Do you believe that all oppressed people should get money to make up for their oppression?
Only if they were directly oppressed.

2697. What’s a quagmire?
A swamp of some kind?

2698. Is philosophy a science or can everyone have their own philosophy?
It’s a science that can be studied and thought about by anyone.

2699. Are you a big fish in a small pond?

2700. Would you like to read an entire novel written in stream of consiousness form?

It would be interesting but possibly unreadable.


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