601-700 13/06/2010

Part Seven
601. Do you have a lust for life?
I like to think so. It tends to be much greater on days where I can feel and appreciate joy properly.
602. Do you want to get more out of life?
Doesn’t everyone?

603. Would you want to learn to:
Convert to Buddhism?
Buddhism is a very interesting religion. I’d love to know enough about it to consider a change of faith.

Cure a hangover?
No. Hangovers are our bodies’ way of telling us not to overdo it on the alcohol. It isn’t good for you, and sometimes people just need reminding.

Lie persuasively?
I think this would be pretty handy, but I’m not sure how comfortable I would be with it.

604. What character from a movie is most like you?
I really don’t know. I’ll throw this open for discussion. What do you guys think?

605. Are you comfortable with the idea of your own death?
Death is a very conflicted subject for me, given the amount of time I spend mulling it over. I have never thought of my life as a particular valuable commodity, so I don’t really think there’s much to lose if I were to die. But I know I shouldn’t be thinking like that.

606. How do you feel about arranged marriages?
They are statistically more likely to ‘work out’ than more modern Western marriages. However, I enjoy courting and choosing my own partners.

607. What do you hate that everyone else seems to like?
Fish. Can’t abide it. The smell, the taste, the look. Yuck.

608. What do you like that others seem to hate?
My Chemical Romance

609. If you had to be named after a month, which month would you pick?
I’d be the Welsh for September – Medi.

610. Is time more like a highway or a meadow to you?
Neither of these things. Time is kind of like a many layered map.

611. What is your favorite movie?
Silence of the Lambs.

612. Which would you choose to be back in the day: a warrior, an alchemist, a minstrel, a bard, an oracle, a peasant, or a merchant?
A bard.

613. What is your favorite song lyric?
Life, hope, truth, trust, pain, pride, love, lust. On without the things we’ve lost, the things we’ve gained we’ll take with us.

614. What will you never run out of?
I have a plethora of choc ices at the moment. Also pasta.

615. If you could force someone to fall madly in love with you, (anyone you choose) would you do it?
No. I want whoever loves me to do it of their own accord. A few months ago, I might have answered ‘Yes, I’d do anything to get Matt back.’, but that’s changed I think.

616. Have you ever seen the Disney movie The Black Cauldron?
Never even heard of it.

617. Have you ever read The Black Cauldron by Alexander Lloyd (or any of his other books in the Prydain Chronicles)?
Again, never heard of them.

618. Have you ever written a paper the night before it was due?
How about the day it was due?
Yup. I got a 68%. Almost a first.

619. Is there a movie you have watched so many times that you can quote it line for line?
Yes. Silence of the Lambs. Possibly a few others too (Bridget Jones’s Diary mebbe)

620. What is your favorite season?
Spring or Autumn

621. Do you mind being described as cute?
How do you know people call me cute? Nah, I like it. I’ll never get called ‘beautiful’ so cute is something at least.

622. What is the tackiest object in your home?
I’ve got a lava lamp, that’s pretty tacky I guess….

623. What do you think people are most ignorant towards?
Often, it’s things they have no experience of. Like people can be very of my job as a kitchen worker, but I’m sure they don’t realise how hard it really is.

624. What is it that makes you an interesting person?
I am opinionated and take time to think about responses to questions (most of the time)

625. What makes other people interesting to you?
Strong beliefs, quirkyness, sense of humor, asking intriguing questions, making me think.

626. How open to suggestion are you?
I’m open minded but stubborn and not easily persuaded.

627. Is Michael Jackson black or white?
Michael Jackson is probably too rotten to care about. In life, he was a black man with heavy cosmetic surgery and some serious mental issues.

628. Are you often lonely?
Whenever I’m on my own.

629. What’s the most unusual pet you’ve ever had?

630. Have you ever threatened an authority figure?
Probably not, confrontation scares me.

631. If you had to choose would you rather make all your decisions henceforth with your head only or with your heart only?
That’s very difficult, I think I’m equally governed in my actions by logic and emotion. I’ll have to go with heart, I think most of my important decisions thus far have been based around that.

632. How imaginative are you?
I’m a writer and a role-player. Both of these things require me to have a fairly decent imagination. I’m also an avid reader, which helps.

633. Do you like the Counting Crows?
Some of their stuff is pretty good. I have their ‘Best of’ Album.

634. If you took this survey from the diary (5000 Q Survey V2.0) did you note me so I could read it?
I took it from Live Journal, and my profile is public, so it wouldn’t be too hard to find it to read it.

635. Are you more tense or laid back?
Depends what about. I can be very chilled about some stuff, but very tense about others.

636. Does your happiness depend on anyone else, or are you happy no matter what any one says or does?
I am not a self-fulfilling person. I need other people in order to be happy.

637. What do you think of the idea of putting the bible into the format of a fashion magazine to attract the interest of teenagers?
I think it’s a stupid idea. It’s like tricking someone into reading it.

638. How often do you drink to get drunk?

639. Would you consider yourself to be diplomatic?
Yes, in that I try and keep the peace and make everyone happy.

640. Do you think that most of the classes you have taken were taught in such a way as to make plain the relevance of the subject matter in your everyday life?
No, I think the opposite of this is true for most things.

641. Do you remember Crystal Pepsi?
No idea what that is.

642. When was the last time you spent a night away from home?
A week ago today I stayed at Chris’s place.

643. Some people say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Is that true?
No, it’s not true, some questions are just downright stupid.

644. What is the most interesting TV channel?
The most interesting? Probably the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.

645. Name one song you could live without hearing ever again:
Anything by the artist ‘Pitman’, who my workmate Jim showed me.

646. Do your pets understand you when you talk?
Pets recognize voices and words but I am pretty certain that they lack the cognitive ability to understand our language, in the same way that we can’t understand what a dog wants when they bark.

647. What are three things you HAVE NOT done that might surprise people?
I’ve never tried a cigarette. I’ve never watched any porn. I’ve never drank a full cup of coffee.

648. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
I highly doubt it.

649. Have you been to a museum this year?
No – I hope to rectify this soon.

650. Do you ever watch porn?
Check me out being one step ahead of the questions again! I never watch porn, no.
651. Do you think that it would be a good idea if people served in the army, navy or air force for a while before they were allowed to vote?
No, I think this is a stupid idea. People in the armed forces aren’t the only people that the government’s decisions affect.
652. If you were required to do this to vote, would you?

653. Do people often give you weird looks?
Yes, though I’m never sure why.

654. Do you like Japanese cooking?
From what I tried courtesy of Mish’s Hanami picnic, no, I think not.

655. Do you care for stray animals?
I don’t know any strays. As I live in rented housing, I’d probably have to leave the strays be strays.

656. Which animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them:
A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Garfield Halloween

The Secret of Nimh

The Last Unicorn

The original Lord of the Rings cartoons

657. Are you ambidextrous (equally good at using both hands)?
No, I’m right handed

658. Do you always say; “bless you” after someone sneezes, or do you hesitate?
Almost always.

659. If you and your friends could go away for 2 days over Halloween weekend where would you go?
I wouldn’t want to miss the LURPS Halloween bar crawl!

660. Which of these animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them:
Watership Down
Even as an adult, I still think this is one of the scariest and most upsetting films I’ve seen, though maybe I’m just remembering its effects on younger Alice.

As the Wind Blows

Grave of the Fireflies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Spirited Away
No, but I have downloaded it and intend to watch it

661. Do you feel that society is male dominated, female dominated, or neutral?
It’s tricky to answer this. Most of the people ‘in power’ are male, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s male dominated. Personally I don’t feel oppressed by men.

662. What words offend you?
None, really. The word ‘cunt’ often startles me, but I think it’s just the shock factor, because it doesn’t get used very often.

663. They’re just words. Can you get over it?
As I said, I think it just tends to catch me off guard rather than offend me.

664. Have you ever looked into different religions?

665. Which ones have you looked into?
Buddhism, Satanism, Christianity, Mormonism

666. What do you think of Satanism as a religion?
LaVeyan Satanism is actually pretty interesting as a religion. I have given it a lot of thought, often wondering if trying to deify myself would help me in overcoming my depression and horrific low self-worth issues.

667. Do you like it better when your classes are taught sitting in rows or sitting in a circle?
It’s better for the teacher and the pupils if it’s in rows, or a semi-circle rather than a whole circle, because in a circle the teacher can’t see all of the students and vice versa.

668. Have you ever read your own tarot cards?
I tried. I had a very cheap set of tarot cards and a basic book, but I was too young to really interpret them properly.

669. Which ones do you like better, the three old star wars movies or the three new ones?
I’ve not seen them, so can’t judge.

670. If you scream in outer space does it make a sound?
You can’t scream in outer space, there’s no air, and the pressure would crush you.

671. If you saw The Queen of the Damned did you want to be a vampire/Goth afterwards?
Not seen it.

672. If you saw SLC Punk did you want to be punk afterwards?
Not seen it.

673. What is your favorite zombie movie?
I have to pick a favourite? Mean! From Dusk ‘til Dawn is pretty ace, as is Shaun of the Dead

674. Best kids birthday party: ceramics, chuck-e-cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater
Sleep over!

675. What were your parties like when you were a kid?
I can’t remember having any parties. I don’t think I ever had enough friends for one.

676. Best teen (about 15-16) birthday party: ceramics, chuck-e-cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert
Sleep over.

677. What are/were your 15-16 year old parties like?
Again, don’t really remember any.

678. Best 18th birthday party: ceramics, chuck-e-cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party
House/College party

679. If you are 18 what was your party like?
It was so unremarkable that I can’t remember. I didn’t have a party. I know in the evening I had a meal with my family

680. Best 21st birthday party: ceramics, chuck-e-cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party, bar, Atlantic city/Las Vegas trip
House/college party

681. If you saw The Craft were you interested in wicca/paganism/magic afterwards?
Not seen it.

682. What are your top 3 priorities?
Get well, get out of my overdraft, be strong

683. If you saw fight club did you want to get into a fistfight afterwards?
Not really. I wanted to watch it again to work out what the hell was going on.

684. What is your favorite smell?
Fresh cut grass, coffee, the beach. One of those three.

685. Give everything below a humor rating (1 = laugh your ass off, 2 = lol, 3 = smile, 4 = lame, 5 = not funny, 6 = offensive):
People falling

Rape jokes

Sarcastic comments

Blonde jokes

Dirty jokes

God/religion jokes

Long-ass jokes

Death jokes

Pain/sickness jokes

Animals doing cute stuff

Bodily functions

Knock jokes

Ethnic jokes


Ironic situations

685. If you saw Cruel Intentions did you want to have lots of meaningless sex afterwards?
Not seen it.

686. Do you get at least three hugs per day?
Any day where I see anyone I know. So yes.

687. What should someone never say to you/call you if they want to remain on your good side?
I guess constant Welsh jokes get a bit annoying.

688. If you saw Trainspotting did you want to do drugs afterwards?
Not seen it.

689. Do movies have a great influence on you?
Not really.

690. Do you have a favorite reality TV show?
Depends what you consider reality TV to be really. I quite like Master Chef and The Restaurant

691. Are there certain roles that people are pressured to play in society or can they basically do whatever they want?
All society is is a set of roles that people play.

692. How does the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake compare to the original movie?
Haven’t seen either of them

693. Have you ever held a magnifying glass over an insect to burn it?
No, never

694. Have you ever pulled the wings off a fly, butterfly or any other insect?

695. What would you think of a guy (if you’re into guys) or a girl (if you’re into girls) who wanted to take you to the park to feed the birds and look at the turtles and fish in the water on a date?
I think that would make me smile hugely, I’d think it was very cute and sweet.

696. Do you use public pools?
Most pools are public

697. Do you use public bathrooms?
If I have no other choice.

698. Do you use public showers?
As above

699. How old will you be in 17 years?
I’ll be 37.

700. Would it effect you at all if you knew that a very large meteor was headed towards earth that would impact in 17 years?

17 years is a very long time, though I guess I’d be more inclined to stay in part time employment and struggle by, but have free time to enjoy the world while there’s time. I’d also be far less likely to reproduce.


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