Notes on a Young Woman

If I could choose any author to write my biography, it would have to be someone skilled at drawing interest and humour out of the mundane, so I'd probably go for Bill Bryson or someone of a similar ilk.

Bill Bryson could probably make even a rather unexciting life such as mine seen amusing – you'll know what I mean if you've ever read his book "Notes on a Big Country", which is a collection of writings on the mundanity of American suburban living in the 90's. It's possibly one of the most amusing and easy to read books I own.

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Skillful self improvement

When you consider the realms of opportunity afforded by this prompt, saying ‘better self-management and prioritisation’ probably sounds a bit lame, but seriously, that’s what I need right now to really get on with stuff.

Knowing how to make myself get on with stuff when all I want to do is press my face against the glass and watch the rain would be a very handy trick.

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If you could choose to learn any skill in the world, what skill would you choose to learn?