The Art of Video Games

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing my usual of roaming around the internet, and I stumbled across this. As a more or less life long gamer who can remember playing a lot of the titles on the polls, this really did hit my interests.

I mentioned it to a couple of people, people I thought might be up for organizing something along the lines of a soujourn to the states next summer, to Washington DC, staying in a youth hostel and looking at this amazing sounding exhibition. A lot of my friends enjoy gaming, but there were only a few who I thought might be interested enough in the concept of games as art to spend the money on a trip to the USA.

Unfortunately, the main person I thought might be interested in going with me made arrangements to go with other people. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough that I wanted to go – maybe he thought I was just mentioning it to him because it would be relevent to his interests.

Whatever it may be, I’m now without someone to go with. Is anyone interested in planning that far ahead for a (potentially quite expensive) trip to America for a few days with me, to asuage my desire to see an art exhibition that includes Pac-Man as an exhibit? Get back to me and we can sort something out.